Riverhawk продукты

  • Hydraulic External Tensioning System

You would like to keep using your standard bolting equipment? But you are perfectly aware of the problems the conventional torquening causes: bending stress, torsional stress and thread friction with the consequential damage?

There is a solution: Hydraulic External Tensioning System from Riverhawk which gives you all advantages of hydraulic tensioning and keeps your equipment standard.

Just watch how it works:


  • Hydraulic Tensioned Nut

This special nut from Riverhawk, which replaces conventional nuts, is suitable for critical applications in high temperature and harsh environments. You can be sure that this lifetime product will provide uniform loading, ensure the simultaneous tensioning, save time and prevent risks.

  • Hydraulic Tensioned Bolt

This special bolt from Riverhawk replaces conventional and bolt and is 2 in 1 product. Similar to the Hydraulic Tensioned Nut, it is suitable for critical applications and has the same characteristics and similar operating principle.









  • Hydraulic Rod Tensioner


  • External Tensioned Nut


  • Peregrine Tensioning System

You have to work within very limited space? You want to have a personell safety added even while working with high pressure hydraulics? You have to meet API requirements? You need to close many bolting connections at once? That is an easy task with Riverhawk Peregrine Tensioner: