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Encased Clutches

These clutches are free standing units with simple on-​site alignment using customers flexible couplings on input and output shafts. No weight is added to the shafts of the driving and driven machine. We offer self-​lubricated and pressure-​lubricated encased clutches. The self-​lubricating clutch has a self-​contained oil supply and oil is distributed to the moving parts by the rotation of the output shaft. The pressure-​lubricated clutch allows for higher speeds and torques than the range of self-​lubricated clutches, up to 12,000 RPM. The lubrication oil system for the driving/driven machinery is normally suitable for clutch lubrication and there are single inlet and drain connections.

Options for self-​lubricating clutches:

  • Lubrication oil cooling may be required at high ambient operating temperatures.
  • Self lubricated designs are available with white metal journal bearings.

Options for pressure-​lubricated clutches:

  • Monitoring equipment for bearing temperature and vibration measurement.
  • Clutch engaged/disengaged switch operated by the sliding action of the clutch.
  • Tilting pad journal and thrust bearings can be used for higher speeds.