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Riverhawk Indikon Proximity Probes and Transmitters

  • Riverhawk Indikon Proximity Probes

Riverhawk Indikon Proximity Probes are designed to work in any environmental conditions being able to provide reliable and precise results in oily and dirty environments. These probes are an ideal choice for any machinery application.

The probes are working on the basis of eddy current and detect changes in the magnetic flux density field by presence of the material target.

The Riverhawk Indikon probes provide efficient and accurate measurement in displacement, down to 0.001 inch.

Typical applications are: thermal expansion detection, wear of the sleeve and/or thrust bearings, shaft vibration detection and measurement.

  • Riverhawk Indikon Transmitters

The Loop-Powered Transmitters from Riverhawk convert the output from proximity probes, accelerometers, velocity transducers and seismic sensor into the DC current 4-20 mA. The specified vibration range is controlled within DCS or PLC systems.

A wide range of transmitters is available.

  • Riverhawk Indikon Transducers and Seismic Sensors

Riverhawk supplies the full range of the high-resolution and high-reliability seismic sensors, accelerometers and velocity transducers. Contact us for more information.

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