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Riverhawk Hydraulic Pumps and Accessories

Riverhawk can provide you with the diverse hydraulic installation tools, pumps and accessories for working with pressures of up to 2760 bar. Both standard and custom made designs and options are available.

  • Manual Pump Kits

Riverhawk Manual Hydraulic Installation Kits are always designed to meet your specific requirements. There are two configurations possible:

  • Single Pump Configuration

- Base mounted max 1500 bar pump and gauge

- Supplied with 3 m long flexible hose

  • Double Pump Configuration

- Skid mounted light base frame (20 kg)

- 639 bar and 2753 bar pumps and gauges

- Two interchangeble 3 m long flexible hoses

Flexible hose eliminates hard couple tubing. For these kits the ISO Grade 32 hydraulic oil is used. The kits are tested to full capability.

  • Air Driven Pump Kits

Riverhawk can provide you with the Hydraulic Air Driven Pump Kit which is a reliable and portable compact lightweight high-pressure device. This kind of the pump kit offers labour hours reduction compared with the manual kit.

Riverhawk can provide you with the high pressure flexible hoses and hydraulic fittings, please let us know if you would require more information about these products.

You have questions or would like to get more information about the Hydraulic Pump Kits suitable for your requirements? Just send us an email or contact us any time.