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Consulting and SSS Gears are regularly participating in various Conferences and Technical Panels. This allows us to keep our existing and potential customers up to date and inform them about the latest developments of various advantageous concepts with SSS Clutches.

Please have a look at some of our papers:

Operational Experience of the SSS Clutch for Naval Marine Applications is an award winning paper. Our SSS Clutch is well known, particularly in the Naval Marine field. This paper reviews the clutch operating principle, then outlines some of the service experience since 1962, particularly in naval main propulsion drives beginning with CODOG, CODAG, COGOG and COGAG plant, and then the experience with more recent applications such as combined electric motor propulsion with either gas turbines or diesel engines and hybrid electric plants.

ASME Best Paper Award 2016 goes to SSS Gears GT2016-57819

Efficient CHP Plant Concepts with High Operating Flexibility, presented at Russia Power (PowerGen Russia) Conference in Moscow in 2015.

You can visit the Youtube-Channels of SSS Gears and Riverhawk and learn about operating principles and different products.