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Who we are and what we do

Frank Rossig graduated as Dipl.-Ing. from University of Bochum (RUB) in 1994. During his studies he worked as student assistant for the Institute for Machine Elements, Gears and Vehicle Drives (LMGK) Prof. F. Jarchow on the subject of hydrodynamic couplings. He began his professional career as a consulting engineer for Siemens Energy in 1994 and moved to ZG Consulting Prof. Winter and Dr. Stölzle beginning 1995. In 1998 he was promoted partner of ZG Consulting. Today, he is the managing director of AZG Consulting GmbH.


Prof. i. R. Dr.-Ing. Bernd-Robert Höhn is former director of the Gear Research Center (FZG) and a teacher at the Munich Technical University. He is also a founder of AZG Consulting to­gether with Frank Rossig. Through Professor Höhn a close cooperation exists between AZG Consulting and FZG.




Today, one of our main fields of activities is the technical consultancy on the use of the SSS Overrunning Clutch for customers worldwide together with representing SSS Gears Ltd. in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe including Russia.

Since April 2015 we are the official technical representatives of Riverhawk Company in German-speaking countries and Eastern Europe. Our tasks are to consult the customers and end-user about the use of Hydraulic Tensioning product line, diverse products for rotating equipment monitoring (Torque Meters, Vibration Probes etc). Additionally for the high precision applications we provide our customers with the frictionless and lifetime flextural pivots. 

Moreover, as specialists in the area of transmissions and gears, we prepare technical reports on most subjects regarding mechanical drives and their machinery elements.

Our experience has been employed in many areas including: gas turbine and steam turbine power plants, CHP plants, combined cycle plants, naval propulsion systems, petrochemical plants, gas pipelines and many more leading to help our customers to achieve increased efficiency and exceptional reliablity and maintainability as well as sustainable operation of their assets.

Among our largest customers
are leading machinery manufacturers from Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Czech Republic, which handle projects all around the world, service companies, operators of power plants.