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Why should you consider SSS Clutches

What should be important for a system operator who makes a decision to build a new plant? Is it the initial investment costs which should be at its very minimum? Or should the owner maybe consider the total cost of ownership and operation of the plant so the future revenue will be at its maximum? Should he also consider the possible future changes in price structure of the energy sources and their possible deficits? Should the changes in demand be considered too? Should any potential alternative use of the new equipment be also considered for the future, so despite changes in demand the plant will not be prevented of being profitable?

All these questions are common for any operator worldwide. No matter, whether he considers building a new power plant, a refinery, operates a gas pipeline or a steel plant. The main strategic goal is cost efficiency and long term profitability. And, of course, environmental friendliness should not stay aside.

Use of standard equipment is cost efficient. Support of the domestic machinery supplier is essential. But what can be done to make standard equipment flexible in operation and as high efficient as possible? What can be done to make your power plant designs to be competitive against your competitors worldwide?

Very often these aims can be achieved relatively easily by adding to the standard equipment an automatically mechanical connecting device - an SSS Clutch - which also keeps the machine train as compact and flexible as possible, thus minimizing the expenses. The SSS Clutch is a fit and forget device which keeps TCO at its minimum giving the owner maximum revenue.