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Spacer Clutches

The SSS Spacer Clutch is suitable for use between shafts subject to misalignment. It can also accommodate large axial movements if necessary. It can transmit very high powers and has high overspeed and overload capacity. Most of the parts of the clutch are connected to the turbine and are stationary when the turbine is at rest. Lubrication oil for the clutch is taken from the main plant lubrication system.


The largest SSS Spacer Clutches in service transmit 140MW at 3,000 RPM and 130MW at 3,600 RPM.

  • Internal thrust bearing to locate output shaft from input shaft.
  • Visual mechanical and/or electrical indication of the clutch engaged/disengaged positions.
  • Electrical insulation can be incorporated into the clutch output flange.
  • Clutch lock-​in to prevent disengagement after automatic engagement so a gas turbine can be accelerated from the generator.
  • The clutch can be supplied in a casing containing bearings if required.