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Solutions and designs of SSS Clutches

In fact, SSS Overrunning Clutches are in use by power plants in about 60 countries and in 40 naval fleets including 19 of the 20 largest naval fleets in the world.

The SSS Clutch


SSS Clutch 3DProven design -​ SSS Clutches transmit over 23.5 million kW in turbo-​driven generating sets in 55 countries. The maximum power transmitted through a single SSS Clutch is 321,000kW at 3,000 RPM.

High reliability -​ Proven by its repeated selection for important applications such as the transmission of propulsivepower for Navy ships. SSS Clutches are now used in over 500 ships for 40 Navies worldwide.

Positive no-slip drive -​ Through surface hardened gearteeth.

Automatic action -​ A true freewheel device, requiring nofriction plates, hydraulic or electromagnetic devices, or anyoperator action to control engagement or disengagement.

Negligible wear -​ Clutch synchronization components areinoperative both during torque transmission and when theclutch is overrunning at high speed.

High efficiency -​ Negligible power loss. Lubricating oilrequirements are small, and are either self contained or taken from the normal driving or driven machine system.

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