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Refineries: In many technological processes a waste energy is available once a chemical process is stabilized. This energy can be recovered and fed into a rotating machine to drive a compressor, fan or a pump. This driving machine is disconnectable and will be connected once the process is stable thus minimizing initial start up and standby power inputs.

Gas pipeline: Most of the pipeline compressors are driven by the gas turbines or a gas engine because

gas is available from the pipeline anyways. However, considering also electricity is available on site, it is often worth to install a double driven compressor with gas turbine / gas engine and an electric motor. Once the cost of electricity drops (for example, during the night), the electrical motor can be connected and gas turbine or gas engine can be shut down. And once the electricity demand in the grid increases, the gas turbine / gas engine will be connected to operate the compressor without electricity being consumed from the grid.


SSS Clutches enable fans, pumps, compressors, etc. to be driven by alternate prime movers with the drive transferred from one prime mover to the other automatically at any speed. This results in lower capital costs, a smaller footprint, and flexible, efficient operation across a wide power range.


The ability of the SSS Clutch to automatically engage and disengage a driver at full speed enables a helper drive (for example, a steam turbine) to supplement the total drive power. This can be useful in process plants where the availability of fluid energy may be variably or intermittently required for other purposes.Starter drives can be automatically disconnected once the main drive of the machinery is running.


Many industrial processes produce “waste” energy as heat or pressure in fluids or gases which can be recovered in a turbine and used to drive the main process compressor or pump. An SSS Clutch allows an energy recovery turbine to be connected to the main process compressor or pump after the process has started and is producing waste energy in significant and constant amounts. An SSS Clutch also allows the turbine to be shut down when necessary, and then be reconnected without stopping the main plant.

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