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Stock Island, Ralph Garcia, Florida, USA

The installation of a new Acceleration System in place of a decommissioned steam turbine at the end of 44 MVA generator was arranged to permit the generator to be used for synchronous condensing at Ralph Garcia Generating Station on Stock Island, Florida. A 375 hp motor-​driven pump supplies hydraulic oil at pressures up to 345 bar to a 280 kW hydraulic motor which is mounted on a 48T SSS Encased Clutch containing the thrust bearing and turning gear for the synchronous condenser. This unit can accelerate the synchronous condenser to full speed in about twenty minutes and the synchronous condenser is synchronized to grid with a Mark V Speedtronic Control System. Since its completion in January 1998, the generator can produce 34 MVAR or absorb up to 22 MVAR. Through February 2004, this unit has operated as a synchronous condenser for 44,952 hours. 

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