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Key West, CT2 and CT3, Florida

In 1997, the City of Key West entered into a power purchase agreement with Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) for their annual bulk energy requirements. In order to meet the City of Key West reliability objective of 60% “on-​island generation” in the event of emergency outage of the FKEC 138 kV transmission line, FMPA installed two reconditioned Frame 5 gas turbine generators on Stock Island near Key West. To assure the availability of the transmission line in case Key West’s synchronous condenser VAR output would be insufficient, or the unit would become unavailable, one of the peak load Frame 5 gas turbine gearboxes was retrofitted with an integrated SSS Clutch, so the generator could run as a synchronous condenser. The SSS Clutch is quill-​shaft mounted inside the gearbox.

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