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Vuosaari, Helsinki, Finland

This CHP plant is located in Vuosaari, a district of Eastern Helsinki with a population of about 35,000. Vuosaari ‘B’ provides up to 470 MWe of electricity and 400 MWth of district heat from a multishaft
combined cycle plant incorporating 2 x Siemens V94.2 gas turbines (rated 163 MWe each) and an ABB Stal (now Siemens Finspäng) steam turbine train (rated 172 MWe).

In this case, an SSS Spacer Clutch was supplied, which in addition to the normal automated clutch / declutch mechanism, features two sets of torque transmitting gear teeth allowing the SSS clutch to take up radial and axial misalignment. This capability allows the SSS Spacer Clutch to absorb the thermal growth of the LP and HP / IP steam turbines.

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