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Plauen, Germany

This CHP plant is located in Plauen, in the east-​central part of Germany known as Saxony. Two steam turbines drive one common generator at Plauen. Both turbines are Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch (now Siemens Frankenthal) back pressure turbines. Up to 60 tonnes per hour of steam at 5.7 Bar and 240°C can be supplied to the heating grid. The AFA4 steam turbine can produce 0.32 MWe, whereas the AFA6 machine can provide 1.0 MWe via a 1,500 rpm generator.

Splitting the steam turbine demand to either side of one generator, with an SSS Clutch connecting or disconnecting each turbine as required, allows a wide range of CHP operating modes which promotes high operational flexibility with regards to seasonal changing district heat requirements.

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