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SSS Clutch: Proven, Reliable, Resilient

High power synchronizing Clutch with radial and axial compensation capacity

Proven design -​ SSS Clutches transmit over 23.5 million kW in turbo-​driven generating sets in 55 countries. The maximum power transmitted through a single SSS Clutch is 321,000 kW at 3,000 RPM.

High reliability -​ Proven by its repeated selection for important applications such as the transmission of propulsive power for Navy ships. SSS Clutches are now used in over 500 ships for 40 Navies worldwide.

Positive no-slip drive -​ Through surface hardened gearteeth.

Automatic action -​ A true freewheel device, requiring no friction plates, hydraulic or electromagnetic devices, or any operator action to control engagement or disengagement.

Negligible wear -​ Clutch synchronization components are inoperative both during torque transmission and when the clutch is overrunning at high speed.

High efficiency -​ Negligible power loss. Lubricating oil requirements are small, and are either self contained or taken from the normal driving or driven machine system.

For more than 15 years AZG Consulting is advising the German-​speaking and East-European customers of the English clutch manufacturer SSS Gears Ltd. on the applicability of their proven and well-​known product, the SSS Overrunning Synchronous Clutch for propulsion machinery and turbine drives.

A vast number of plant machinery and gears manufacturers of various kinds and sizes are already convinced of the reliability of this automatic freewheel device.

Originally, the SSS Clutch was conceived for automobile and diesel train transmissions. Today, after 60 years of technical development, it became a device capable of transmitting the power to light a town, or drive large ships. Over 630 SSS Clutches to disconnect and reconnect gas and steam turbines to generators have been used since 1950's and are wide-​spread in devices today. A total of more than 1000 turbine plant applications for synchronous condensing operation capability or single-​shaft combined cycle heat and power plants have been supplied around the world. The first 321,000 kW high speed SSS Clutch for gas turbine power plants entered commercial operation in 1979 and is still operating at Huntorf CASE plant in Germany.

Naval propulsion machinery also demands the highest standards of precision, quality and reliability. Not only the proud owners of fast luxury yachts trust in the SSS Clutch with its automatic mechanical function, but also 50 navies worldwide.