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sss clutch model how it works

Welcome to AZG Consulting – official partner of SSS Gears Ltd. and Riverhawk. We will assist you in all aspects of drive technology and gear engineering.

AZG Consulting is an official representative of SSS Gears Ltd. and Riverhawk in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, East Europe and Russia.

  • SSS Clutches are connecting and disconnecting high power and high speed Generator, Compressor-, Pump- and Fan Drives for Power Stations and Refineries as well as Propulsion Drives of Marine and Naval vessels, civil ships, yachts, container ships etc. SSS synchronization clutches are extensively used as a standard equipment for Start- and Turning Drives of the Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Compressors and Generators.
  • Riverhawk is the Free-Flex Pivot products market leader for high precision applications like Metrology, Aerospace, Military, Semi-conductor industries. Riverhawk is developing and manufacturing hydraulic tensioning tools, bolt tensioners, hydraulic nuts, studs and bolts as well as a wide range of hydraulic couplings, torque limiters, torque peaks protection couplings, vibration damping couplings, plug and ring gages, hydraulic pumps and accessories.

Our main field of activity includes not only technical consultancy during development and detailed engineering, but also project management within the realization phase and service activities over the entire lifecycle of the products and plants. Among our largest customers are service companies and operators of power plants, leading machinery manufacturers from Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Czech Republic, which handle projects all around the world. Contact us for detailed information about our references.