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Spezielle Verbindungselemente und Gehäusezentrierstifte

  • Zentrierstiftvorrichtung (CAP)

Casing Alignment Pins by Riverhawk replace the casing bolts and dowels and are a perfect solution when dealing with the misaligned casing holes. Casing Alignment Pins ensuring the reduced assembly time, high safety and accuracy as well as simplicity.

Casing Alignment Pins replace the conventional alignment pins and any necessity for tight fitting pin holes.

Installation and casing alignment becomes very easy: no stud hammering or bolt torque sequencing is needed, misalignment correction is just thought drop in and applying strong taper angular force. Done!


  • Spezialspannsysteme für Schrauben und Zuganker

Riverhawk is a world leading manufacturer of customized Hydraulically Tensioned Studs and Bolts. These products of Riverhawk can be loaded safely and controlably. 

Whenever you are facing any special engineering need, Riverhawk is your right partner for providing with the best possible solution. Any application, including critical ones, any specific geometry - everything is feasible and is done with FMEA.

Riverhawk engineered studs and bolts are easy to install and to remove, and can be designed for either hydraulic or simple tensioning with the accurate preload.

  • Hydraulisches Paßbolzenspannsystem HCFB

Riverhawk Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts replace the standard coupling bolts are reduce the installation time and any operational problems the usual coupling bolts may create. The tight tolerance fit can be avoided when using HFCB and thus no parts damage and complex installation and deinstallation will occur.

If you choose using the Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts by Riverhawk, you choose an ideal retrofit product which whill ensure the reduced downtime, will prevent personell risk, will provide you with a precise concentricity and ease of installation and removal.

As with many Riverhawk products, this is a heavy duty reusable product.

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