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Verbindungs- und Schutzelemente für rotierende Maschinen

  • Hydraulischer Klemmring

This Hydraulic Clamp Ring from Riverhawk allows to eliminate the keys and splines, to not need to use the tapered shaft-end connection and still remain conform with API requirements. No special tooling, no heating at assembly are needed.

This Hydraulic Clamp Ring can be either chosen from the Standard Line or be custom made to suit the customer's requirements. This product is able to retrofit existing and even damaged shafts, saves assembly time and money.

  • Überlastschutzkupplung Torque Blocker

Torque Blocker - is a lifetime lasting product from Riverhawk designed for protection of your critical equipment during overload conditions. This acts as a safety coupling and prevents overtorques. 

The Torque Blocker is installed between the driving and driven machines and is a mechanical fuse device with the quick release possibility (the release torque can be preset with 5% accuracy). Once released, the Torque Blocker allows your machinery to smoothly coast down without any damage. Reset is very quick and simple and the Torque Blocker does not require any consumable spare parts. Also the release does not depend on the torque direction.

Have a look at the operation animation:

Riverhawk already realized a number of projects for large machinery protection with the Torque Blocker. References are available upon request.

  • Rutschkupplung Peak Shaver

Peak Shaver can also be installed between the machinery shafts and is designed to prevent the equipment damage during the instantenous torque spikes. During the normal operation condition Peak Shaver transmits the complete torque, and once the overtorque occurs, Peak Shaver slips and thus prevents the overtorquing, but allowing the shafts to rotate further.

Peak Shaver does not need to be reset and is driving throughout the complete duration of the torque spike. Peak Shaver is a simple, reliable and compact device with a high power density.

  • Innenklemmstift

Internal Shaft Clamp is designed for eliminating the splined, keyed and tapered connections. It allows secure and easy mounting of the shaft elements, ensures a superior runout and rotational symmetry. The Internal Shaft Clamp has a very compact dimension and can be easily integrated into your machinery. 

Installation is quick, the Internal Shaft Clamp fits inside the shaft end and once expanded, drives the shaft surface into direct contact with the bore.

Typical application for the Internal Shaft Clamps are compressor and pump impellers, gears and others, where the compact design of the highest reliability is required.

  • Viskoser Torsionsdämpfer

This Viscous Rotational Damper provides reliable torque and torsion vibration damping and is a lifetime lasting device. The connected machinery is protected by damping the alternating torques and vibrations while keeping on continuously transmitting torque.

The Viscous Rotational Damper has a compact design and fits between the machinery shafts. It can accomodate some misalignment and has no degrading elastomeric elements. The device has a superior damping and stiffness linearity and efficient heat dissipation.

This infinite life part can be custom made to suit any of your special requirements.

You have questions or would like to get more information about the Shaft-End product line suitable for your requirements? Just send us an email or contact us any time.