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Werkzeuge für die Hydraulische Naben

  • Hydraulische Aufziehvorrichtung

Installation of Hydraulically fitted couplings can be very simple! You will not need any hammering, heating or extensive labor. Hydraulic Pushers for tapered coupling connections provide an easy and safe installation, without personell risk, risk of equipment damage, and is repeatable use and a life-time design.

These hydraulic pushers can be manufactured to suit your custom requirements and for any shaft end connection.

Save time, save cost, aim for a low TCO: switch to Riverhawk Hydraulic Pusher.

  • Hydraulische Abziehvorrichtung

Also removal of the coupling hubs is an easy task with Hydraulic Pullers from Riverhawk. These are usually used for removal of the straight bored coupling hubs, and can also be used for hydraulic assistance for tapered keyed coupling removal.

The complete removal can be done in one step, the pullers are designed for a lifetime repeatable used and reliability.

  • Kegellehren Riverhawk: Lehrringe und Lehrdorne

Riverhawk provides the complete range of plug and ring gauges which are developed to meet the customer’s requirements for the rotating machinery, especially in the petrochemical industry. The plug and ring gauges are designed to match any machine shaft end, guarantee 90% to 95% taper contact and is corresponding or exceeding the API 671 and ISO 10422 requirements.

The plug and ring gauges from Riverhawk are widely known for their reliability and longevity.

  • Läppwerkzeuge Riverhawk

Riverhawk supplies the lapping tools for the out-of-tolerance taper correction of the existing shaft and hub surfaces, and can also supply the lapping tools together with the plug and ring gauges.

Using the Lapping tools from Riverhawk guarantees a minimum of 90% taper contact. These tools meet or exceed API 671 and ISO 10442 requirements.

You have questions or would like to get more information about Hydraulic Coupling Installation Tools suitable for your requirements? Just send us an email or contact us any time.