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Drehmomentmesssysteme von Riverhawk: Die modernste Technologie

Dynamische Drehmomentüberwachung



Riverhawk is the world’s only supplier of the most efficient dynamic, or instantaneous, torque measurement systems, based on the strain gauge technology. This strain gauge technology provides the most accurate way of measuring torque. Riverhawk torque measurement system can provide you with the real-time online accurate torque measurement, which is sometimes a key task for a unit operator.

Torque metering, either static or dynamic, is needed for processing, pipeline and refrigeration compressors, feed water pumps, ship drives, test stands etc. Riverhawk torque measurement systems are capable of working in critical environments and at critical conditions and are units of the highest reliability.

The Riverhawk torque measuring systems are very light weight and compact solutions working with most couplings available on the market without major modifications. No coupling redesign is needed. The Riverhawk system features a superior effect on balance and natural frequency compared with other technologies available on the market. Very precise calibration and repeatable accurate results are guaranteed. This cost-attractive solution is the superior way of measuring torque for any specific application.

Also conventional torque measurement systems are available.

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