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Kreuzfedergelenke Free-Flex

Kreuzfedergelenke Free-Flex (R) are the the world most popular and reliable precision flexural bearings which are

  • Frictionless
  • Are designed for infinite life with no lubrication and no maintenance required
  • Have predictable perfomance, low hysteresis and exceptional repeatability
  • Stiction free

Free-Flex precision bearings are being manufactured since 1955 and are continuously proving their reliability in following areas and applications:

  • Medicine
  • Semi-Conductor technology
  • Aerospace
  • Military applications
  • Metrology
  • Instrumental engineering
  • Diverse commercial application
  • And anywhere you need precision and reliability

Following products are standard pivots of the Free-Flex (R) product line:

  • 2-teilige Kreuzfedergelenke

Is the most common free-flex pivot with one fixed or supported end, and the opposite bearing end rotating.

Please refer to the table to chose the best suitable product for you, providing you with the following data:

  • A- Outside diameter (D)
  • B- Total lenght (L)
  • C- Lenght of the bearing (A)

As well as Torsional Spring Rate, Radial and Axial Load Capacities.

  • 3-teilige Kreuzfedergelenke

If you are facing higher radial loads, the Double Ended Pivot Bearing is the great solution. Both ends of the bearing are free with the center part of the bearing free to rotate.

Please refer to the table of possible sizes in order to choose the best suitable product for you.

  • Linear

These Linear Flexure Bearing is designed for linear travel and is acting as a self-centering mechanism. One of the mounting blocks is hold in position and the horizontal force being applied to the other mounting block. Flexure elements withing the bearing are bending within the S-curve allowing a relative horizontal displacement between the two mounting blocks.

  • Mehrelemetiges Kreuzfedergelenk

These Lamellar Flexure Bearings are ensuring you several degrees of freedom. Functionally they are similar to the Cantilevered and Double Ended Flex Pivots.

These pivots can be custom-made, reduce cost and lead time, contribute to the structure integration and provide all the functions other flex pivots can offer.

  • Spezialkreuzfedergelenke

Riverhawk can provide you with the custom design of the flex pivots far beyond the standard designs and sizes. If you have any special requirements for your project, such as special lenghts, materials, interfaces, different load and torsional requirements, please contact us for your special pivot design.

With its experience and expertise, Riverhawk can provide you with any challenging solution!

You have questions or would like to get more information about Free-Flex Pivots suitable for your requirements? Just send us an email or contact us any time.